Local Talent Art Exhibition

This event aims to bring attention to local artists and their work. The event is open to the public. Artists have the option to auction off their work and donate some of the money to participating non-profits if they choose.

Artists may submit multiple works, of any theme, and of any medium. Scholar Finder recommends a Fall or Halloween theme to fit the timing of this event, but asks artists to keep their work appropriate for all ages. Artists will also be able to accept tips from the public, and may advertise any locations where they normally sell their art.

The event is planned for:

  • Date: October 28th
  • Location: Community Benefit Tree in Kaukauna

If you are interested in participating but cannot attend October 28th and/or at this location, please contact joshua_grunske@scholarfinderllc.com.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

Artist Participation Conditions

  1. The artist retains all rights to their work at all times. By submitting your work, you grant Scholar Finder a limited license to use your images for promotional materials and to display on our website, social media, and for listing on a marketplace if you choose to sell your art.
  2. Artists must be able to deliver their artwork to the designated location on the date of the exhibition.
  3. Artists are not required to auction off their work, but if they do, the sale will be made by Scholar Finder through a marketplace of Scholar Finder’s choosing. Artists will retain 85% of the final sale. Scholar Finder will retain 15% commission on any work sold. This commission is to cover advertising and event hosting costs done by Scholar Finder. Artists have the option of retaining 80% of the sale and providing 5% to a participating non-profit(s).
  4. Artists may receive tips at the event. Artists will retain 100% of the tips they receive.

Artist Participation Form

Agree to Terms and Conditions