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You may request scholars or students for project assistance and research, for advice and to answer questions, or to locate potential interns. You will benefit from Scholar Finder actively recruiting for your order. Alternatively, you can “Post an Opportunity” for free, but Scholar Finder is not obligated to actively recruit for that opportunity. Scholar Finder also has a no-risk refund policy in case we are somehow unable to fulfill your order.

Please complete this form and include any necessary information. Scholar Finder uses the information you provide to accurately identify those that fit your request. If necessary, you may respond with “N/A”. You are welcome to contact Scholar Finder for assistance in filling out the form. You are also encouraged to contact Scholar Finder for free consulation about your potential request.

Scholar Finder will notify you within five business days of your submission on whether your request is accepted. Once you are notified of your accepted service request, Scholar Finder will fulfill your order by the end of the day (11:59PM CST) of your deadline date listed under “Deadline for fulfilling order” in the form. If Scholar Finder is unable to fulfill your order after acceptance, then Scholar Finder will notify you by the end of the day (11:59PM CST) of your deadline date. You may contact Scholar Finder to extend your deadline after your accepted submission.

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