The Beginning

Scholar Finder is only as recent as June of 2022. Starting small with only the founder, there is great ambition to expand and professionalize the service.

Joshua Grunske – Founder

I began my education at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (UWO) where I majored in Political Science and minored in Public Administration. Here I mastered my knowledge in my fields and began my cooperation with one of my professors. Our work together continues to this day as we work on academic papers and have an upcoming book. Additionally, I have two independent academic papers that I am working on.

When applying to Master’s programs I was delighted to be accepted to every program I applied to including the University of Kentucky’s prestigious Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce and the M.A. in Geopolitics program at Czechia’s historic Charles University in Prague. I was also offered an internship with the Czech Ministry of Defense. Ultimately, I decided that the University of Rhode Island’s (URI) M.A. in International Relations would best fulfill my interests and needs. My decision could not have been better. The professors and classes, the greatest motivators for my decision, were exceptional.

In my last semester at URI I decided to intern with the Senate Policy Office in RI’s State Senate rather than the US Naval War College. This internship was another useful and exciting experience. This internship revived an old idea from my third and last year at UWO that there is a gap between academic knowledge and professional policymaker knowledge. Working with my professors at URI and RI’s Senate Policy Office, I determined that filling this gap between scholars and policymakers is greatly needed. Thus, on my return to Wisconsin I established Scholar Finder to satisfy this need.