Scholar Finder

Academic Hub

Scholar Finder connects scholars and students with clients to bridge the gap between academia and policymakers. Our organizational goal is to connect theory with practice to allow for better policies.

Value Over Profit

Scholar Finder places adding value to society over profit. Scholar Finder is designed to foster upward social mobility, encourage intellectual creativity, and establish multi-field connectivity.


  • Compiling lists for job opportunities, graduate programs/schools, internships, and scholarships based on the specific needs of the client
  • Connect clients with scholars and students for consulting, project and research assistance, finding potential interns, and other services upon your request
  • Scholar Finder also accepts advertisements and sponsorships

Why Choose Scholar Finder?

  1. Multiple Consultancies
  2. Free or low-cost services
  3. Building Relationships
  4. Anonymity

Typical consultancies are limited to their team of experts, but Scholar Finder has access to experts all around the world with 4000+ connections. Instead of having one consultancy and their team work on a project, Scholar Finder can allow for multiple teams to work on the same project. It’s like having multiple consultancies for the price of one!

Scholar Finder was originally designed to be a nonprofit organization, but could not be because of organizational requirements. Furthermore, operational costs are low. Because of these reasons, services are either free or low-cost.

Scholar Finder has access to academic professionals with long careers, but also students who are eager to make their mark. These are relationships that you can build-up through your opportunities for them.

Additionally, Scholar Finder allows for anonymity for clients if desired.

Of course, there are many other benefits from using this service, but we’ve highlighted the four most unique benefits when using Scholar Finder!

Research and Project Assistance

Need research conducted for you or assistance on a project? Scholar Finder can pair you with the right scholars to assist you


Want to advertise to over 4,000 scholars and students around the world? We accept various forms of advertisements


Want advice or need questions answered? Scholar Finder can point knowledgeable scholars your way to help you with the information you need


Scholar Finder connects practitioners and policymakers with scholars and students. Scholar Finder is an entirely online service to minimize costs to users. The business is based out of Appleton, Wisconsin. While starting small, Scholar Finder has big ambitions to expand its services and capabilities.


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